Current Profiler

Model : RDCP 600

From : AADI

RDCP 600 Specifications                                                                                                                        

Current Profiler                                                                 Optional Auxiliary Sensor
Acoustic centre frequency:          606kHz                             Maximum no. of sensors:            4                        
Number of Beams:                     4 Beams                           Temperature sensor                    Ref datasheet D360 
Processing:                               ARMA parametric model      Pressure Sensor                         Ref datasheet D357
Transducer slant angle:              25°                                   Conductivity sensor:                   Ref datasheet D344/354 
ilt range :                                -20° to +20°                       Oxygen optode sensor                Ref datasheet D335/355
Speed range :                           0 – 500cm/s                      Turbidity sensor                         Ref datasheet D353/384              Horizontal accuracy  :                0.5cm/s, ±1.5% of reading                                                                                                  
Vertical accuracy:                      1.0cm/s                                      Optional Quartz Pressure Sensor
                                   4                                                         Sampling interval:                           10 to 60s (default: 40s)
Single ping Statistic noise :                   4.0cm/s
                                                               5                             Range 0 to 60m version:             0 - 700kPa
Range:                                          Low power : 35 to 70m
                                                                5                            Range 0 to 340m version:            0 - 3500kPa
                                                High power : 40 to 80m
                         6                                                                  Accuracy:                                     ± 0.03% of full scale
Blanking Distance :                             300m version: 1m
                                                2000m version: 2m
Cell size range:                                1 to 10m (0.1m increment)                    Optional Wave Software9

Cell overlap:                                   0 to 90%                                     Pressure based:                              Wave height, measurement  
Maximum no. of cells in one                                                                                                               simultaneous with current
column:                                         100                                          Parameters:                                  Wave height, Wave Period,
Maximum no. of cells in all                                                                                                               Energy wave direction,  
columns:                                        150                                                                                       Peak direction, Mean 
Power level:                                    Low: 20W                                                                                  direction
                                                High: 80W
Auto Attenuation7:                              0,-3dB, -6dB                                 Dimention and weights:

Parameters measured:                            Horizontal speed, vertical                   Dimensions:                                  D: 160m (fender 187mm)
                                                speed, singleping std, signal                                                             H: 580m
                                                strength, ping count, pulse                  Weight:                                         in air                  in water
                                                attenuation, heading, pitch                  300m version:                                  19.0kg                    12.0kg
                                                and roll                                     2000m version:                                 22.0kg                    14.6kg
Operating temperature:                          -4 to + 40°C                                 Frame 4110:                                    12.0kg                    10.2kg
                                                                                             Frame 4110 w/shackles and rods:  15.5kg                                  13.2kg
Compass and Tilt Sensor
Heading Range:                                  0 to 360°                                      1 Tilt is compensated for within this range. Tilt will be measured from –45° to +45°.
Heading accuracy:                               ±4° for 0 to 35° tilt                           2 Upper range slightly lower when the instrument is tilted more than 10°
Tilt range:                                     ±45°                                            3 Normal scatter condition, statistic noise not included
Tilt accuracy:                                  ±1.5°                                           4 Based on 4m ping length and cell size

                                                                                                5 The measurement range is highly dependent on the scattering conditions.

RS-485 Connection                                                                                 For waters with low amount of scatters, expect a shorter range than for                 
Communication type:                             Full duplex                                       waters with a high amount of scatters
Maximum cable lenght  :                         1400m @ 38kBaud                                 6 The blanking distance is defined as the distance to the first data sample

                                                                                                 Using Auto-attenuation the initial selected power level will be adjusted

Current drain example                                                                             according to need
60m range10,11:                                 60mA                                            8 Requires suitable cables for balanced transmission

                                                                                                9 Requires Quartz Pressure Sensor installed

External power supply                                                                         10 60m range, 10min recording interval, 2m ping length, 300pings
Power input:                                    7 - 14 Vdc                                    11 Current drain depends on configuration. Refer the embedded power calculator.
High power input:                               13 - 42 Vdc
                                                                                             Specifications subject to change without notice 

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