Regarding the updated information on, The State Bank requires disinfect old money to help protect against Coronavirus.

That is the outstanding content in the Official Telegraph No. 02 / CD-NHNN on preventing the pandemic COVID-19 in the new situation that the State Bank of Vietnam has just issued.

The most effective and time-saving solution that has been applied by the State Bank of China is to use UVC rays and temperature to sterilize money.

Models of sterilizer manufactured by Korean Sunkyung Company such as: SKHP-N302, SKHP-N303, SK-302HU, SK-303HU, SK-302U, SK-303U are being excusively distributed by Vietnam AIPT Company.

Using UVC + Plasma + Temperature is the highest technology  applied to sterilization. Dual sterilization is time-saving and brings the highest efficiency.

Vietnam AIPT Joint Stock Company provides UVC + Temperature sterilizer for money, documents and tools for SEABANK in Covid-19 prevention.

Specifically, the UV + temperature sterilizer (Drying) model SKHP-N302, SK-302HU of Sunkyung Korea is equipped for departments to sterilize money and documents in the bank.