Installation and Operation Animal Waste Incinerator


Installation and Operation of the I8-55A Animal Waste Incinerator in Sapa Ecological Area

Incinerator I8-55A of INCINER, also known differently: incinerator for animal waste, incinerator for animal carcasses, incinerator for animal carcass, system to incinerate animals, system carcass handling equipment, animal carcass-burning equipment, animal carcass processing equipment, …


Animal wastes carrying pathogens such as (plague, swine flu, Ebola, avian flu) are substances that, if not handled thoroughly, will cause environmental pollution. They carry seriously infectious pathogens that directly affect human life and health. Animal carcass originates from farms or, animal meat handling industrial zones, agricultural factories, and hospitals, veterinary clinics.

The problem of handling animal carcasses has become increasingly necessary for the health of community, and the selection of landfill is not only an ineffective solution but also brings infectious diseases directly affect the health as well as human life with extremely expensive handling costs.

Nowadays, the completed incineration and combustion method is the safest and the most chosen solution for handling carcasses today. With the ability to install and handle right away at livestock farms, hospitals, veterinary clinics. Avoid the risk of infection from one area to another during transport.

Why should choose incinerator INCINER8?

– INCINER8 is the leading professional manufacturer of incinerators in the world and is widely used in almost 90 countries worldwide. Incinerator I8-55A  of  INCINER8 is designed and built from high-quality materials with high durability, ensuring safety for users.

– INCINER8 offers many incinerators with different capacities that satisfied the different demand of users.

– With the preeminent waste treatment technology, our INCINER8 incinerator ensures that the exhaust gas is eco- friendly and meets the highest standards without causing pollution, the ash discharged is completely sterile and easy to handle for other purposes.

The combustion chamber system is designed steadily to maintains a high temperature allowing completely burning  of waste while ensuring fuel saving with a control system that allows easy setting and monitoring of temperature.

INCINER 8  Incinerator has many application models for different fields such as medical waste treatment, animal waste treatment, industrial and domestic waste treatment.

– Model I8-55A is a medium incinerator with a capacity of 50 kg/ h, completely burning and destroying animal carcasses as well as pathogenic bacteria viruses. It is specially designed for the treatment of animal waste, and other wastes such as domestic waste, environmental waste, medical waste, etc.