CEDAR Audio: A Leading Provider in Audio Restoration and Speech Enhancement

CEDAR Audio is a renowned company that has established itself as a global leader in the field of audio restoration, dialogue noise suppression, and speech enhancement. With its founding in 1989, CEDAR Audio boasts nearly three decades of experience in serving various industries, including law enforcement, counter-terrorism, intelligence, and related fields.


One of CEDAR Audio’s primary areas of expertise lies in developing advanced forensic systems, which have been successfully deployed in forensic laboratories around the world. These cutting-edge solutions significantly enhance the extraction of valuable information from heavily contaminated audio recordings. By doing so, CEDAR Audio plays a vital role in improving the accuracy, reliability, and productivity of tasks such as monitoring, transcription, and audio forensic investigations.


The exceptional quality and innovation offered by CEDAR Audio have not gone unnoticed. Over the years, the company has earned numerous prestigious awards, including the Engineering Emmy in 2021, CAS Awards in 2017, and Resolution Awards in 2016. Furthermore, CEDAR Audio has been nominated for the AMPS Awards in 2023, a testament to its ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding solutions to its customers.