MCTECH RF Technology – Leading manufacturer of high quality RF technology and security solutions

Since August 2023, AIPT has officially become the exclusive distributor of MCTECH RF Technology.


MCTECH RF Technology is a leading manufacturer of RF technology, specializing in providing high-end RF jamming products and IEDs. MCTECH’s RF technology is proven through over 12 years of experience supporting special forces, military, police, prisons and government forces in providing quality and responsive technology solutions in order to meet the rigorous requirements of the civil and government law force market.


Its products are designed, developed and manufactured in Israel, ensuring devices withstand the harshest environments and meet critical deployment needs and requirements. MCTECH products are used to prevent and minimize the impact of unwanted devices such as preventing eavesdropping, unauthorized use of mobile phones and fraudulent information activities.



The company’s outstanding products:


  • Indoor jammers: effective portable and Wi-Fi jammers for indoor use. Libraries, courtrooms, guarded offices, guarded rooms and security agencies are using this jammer to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized use of mobile phones. This product ensures information security and privacy in sensitive environments.


  • High Power Jammer: portable powerful jammer is to block all VHF/UHF/HF Mobile/Wi-Fi communication over long distance and 360°. With powerful capacity, the device reduces the communication ability of unwanted devices, ensuring security and protecting important information.


With a commitment to quality and efficiency, MCTECH RF Technology is a trusted expert in RF technology and jamming solutions.