Partners and Products



Huntron is a supplier of tools for engineers and technicians who test, diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit assemblies.
Located north of Seattle in Mill Creek, Washington, Huntron manufacturers the popular Huntron Tracker®, Huntron Workstation software and Access Robotic Probers.
Huntron was founded in 1976 with the introduction of the Huntron Tracker, the pioneering troubleshooting tool that uses power-off signature analysis to identify component failures on printed circuit boards. Over time, Huntron has added robotic automation to help deal with the increase in board complexity and help users save valuable time. The current Access Prober product line can decrease test times tenfold when compared to manual methods.

2. DTC

DTC is a global technology leader and our passion for innovation keeps us one step ahead in the rapidly changing and increasingly challenging environments we perform in, whether on the battlefield, the streets of our cities or the world’s largest sporting events. High performance overt and covert surveillance, communications and broadcast systems enable our customers to securely detect, monitor, communicate and share information with confidence in complex environments. With integrated solutions across our Wireless Video and IP, Cellular, Covert Audio and Video and C2 Systems, DTC can provide professional security networks that protect your people and your infrastructure in some of the world’s most demanding environments, keeping you in touch with what matters, no matter how demanding the situation.

3. SPI

SPI has been manufacturing thermal imaging, Electro optics, lasers and advanced imaging component solutions for over 20 years. We are the industry leader in the United States supplying the high-demand, high-situational awareness tools for law enforcement, border patrol, and the Legendary United States military.

SPI offers COTS and custom high grade advanced electro-optical imaging systems.

SPI’s product are battle tested and we stand behind our work and quality, offering full support and repair for our infrared technology.


High-tech & High Calibre security services with tailored measures for the individual, business or corporate clients.
Using a combination of technology and security operatives we can provide our clients with an affordable, discreet or high profile security solution.


TEKTRONIX is the measurement insight company committed to performance, and compelled by possibilities.
Tektronix designs and manufactures test and measurement solutions to break through the walls of complexity, and accelerate global innovation. Together we empower engineers to create and realize technological advances with ever greater ease, speed and accuracy. Tektronix solutions have supported many of humankind’s greatest advances of the past 70 years. Health. Communication. Mobility. Space. With offices in 21 countries, we are committed to the scientists, engineers and technicians around the world who will define the future.