Partners and Products


1.Sunkyung Industry., Ltd

Sunkyung Industry., Ltd. has been the leading UV sterilizer manufacturer in Korea since 1993. The manufacturer innovates and updates its technology to continuously improve the product for the needs of its customers. Sunkyung’s products are used in many fields including restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, food processing factories, military bases, supermarkets, corporate dining rooms, cafeterias,  department stores, beauty salons, nail salons, libraries, childcare centers, kindergartens, homes and more …

2.Bexen Cardio

Bexen Cardio is the brand that develops the latest generation of technologies and equipment for severe respiratory situations.
A brand with more than 30 years of specialization in the cardiovascular field offers a powerful, convenient and user-friendly defibrillator.


3.Schroder Healthcare Inc

Schroder Healthcare Inc. is the leading medical furniture innovator and manufacturer in Turkey, focusing on electronic beds, stretchers, delivery beds and medical vehicles. With a broad product spectrum encompassing more than 300 products, the company meets every need for medical furniture from any segment, with the flexibility to offer caregivers and patients between products luxurious at cost effective and subject to different requirements

4.Ray Medical 

Since its founding in 2004, Ray has worked to make the world a better place by providing reliable, innovative radiology solutions in the dental & medical industry.
A wealth of experience and knowledge as well as global R&D partners are constantly improving Ray’s truly cutting-edge solutions for the advancement of mankind.


Thalheimer was established in 1948 as a manufacturer in Germany, providing refrigeration equipment such as: beer cooler, refrigerator, cold room, ice production … Thalheimer continuously opened and distributed becoming a professional refrigeration equipment manufacturer, serving industrial zones, hospitals, medical refrigeration equipment, laboratory refrigerators, blood banks …