Spectronic – Leading global manufacturer of covert video and audio surveillance solutions


AIPT is the exclusive distributor of Spectronic Denmark


Spectronic – a world-leading provider of covert audio and video surveillance solutions. Founded in 1989, with more than 30 years of experience, its products have been used exclusively by law enforcement, intelligence communities and military special forces worldwide, in their efforts to combat terrorism and crime.


The company is committed to providing the most optimal products and services to meet customers’ specific requirements.


With continuous innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technology, Spectronic ensures that solutions will remain at the forefront of providing effective and reliable covert video and audio surveillance solutions.

Some of the company’s outstanding security products include:

●       Micro audio recorder

●       Covert video recorder

●       Wireless analog/digital audio monitoring system

●       Audio and video live surveillance, recording and transmission system via 3g/4g/wifi & internet


With Spectronic, customers will have absolute peace of mind when using covert video and audio surveillance solutions. Please contact us today for advice and to experience leading technologies in this field.